About CJ!

cheryl drinking hot chocolate_2012Not the most flattering picture, but I was in my Zen. I didn’t have a spoon and being a tiny bit impatient, I dug right in there…barely seeing the mound of cream through my fogged glasses. I went nose first. Yum.

I am a mentor, a writer, a muse, plus an awesome quote generator. I love it all as it allows me to work with awesome people who have the same outlook and wonder in life.  From this site, you will see that I am spiritual, a tad bit sarcastic and deep. 

For my bliss, I love to muse and write to keep my mind engaged plus it keep me in gratitude. If I don’t life gets small. I also like the personal connection that words bring, knowing that the universal web of connection is magically intersecting, touching those who are looking at the same thing. 

Honestly, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when I can share my insights and musing with others and I hope that by doing so I can help others find their passion, bliss and awakened spirit. We need more Bliss in this world! 

What have I done? Besides being a healer and a nurse for over 22 years, I am a writer, coach and the creator of the Gentle art of Burnout coaching for the medical profession. Plus I am the co-founder of a spiritual earth based church for over 13 years. Although I am not actively involved in the running, or working of the church, in the past I have wrote hundreds of ceremonies, meditation and taught all types of spiritualist concepts, plus created and facilitated programs. I had the honor of leading many of these festivities while seeing the connection that the bond of like minded people share.  It was my grace, and my spirit.

I am very creative and with that comes the flip side of being somewhat ( ok.. VERY) scattered. I don’t have attention deficit disorder, I have creative expansive disorder!  It never stops….Friggin mind is a muses drunk party.

Try again…

My focus is to use my creativity to bring gentle awareness of the Goddess essence, mindfulness and openness to ones unique spirit. In the many ways I can. 

Mundanely, I hate to cook, hate to clean (but I love a clean house), like the fall, dislike the summer. Like the moon, campfires, trees and bacon… although, not necessarily in that order. Love cats. I also believe that Pluto is a planet and will always be one. I got your back Little Buddy! I like to spiral into old memories and and put into words what floats in my head. I love metaphors, quotes, writing, creativity, synchronicity, abundance, being in no-mind, plus sharing concepts that bring wonder and a sense of “knowing.”

 I am also good at being a tad bit sarcastic. It is my charm. 

Personally I am always looking for the find space between contentment and the deep connection to the present; the here and now. 

I am so glad you are here.. welcome from the graciousness of my heart.  Hugs..CJ

Check out my other site, much more active!


hekate wheel

It is to you I owe my inspiration. The wheel turns, but never does my faith. 



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