Circling the toilet bowl

Corn Cob Toilet Paper

Our Guru Papa Squat says…..

There are many crazy useless emotions in our life, no? We hold on tight,  don’t release them to the power of the flush. Flushing out our life is as important as flushing out our body..and toilet.

I hear many of you tell me, you have spiritual moment and look to the crystal water of toilet and notice corn. You look closely to bowl and see corn has moved from bum the way it enter mouth.  Minus the butter I hope. Funny how that is, no? No different then emotions. What negative No-No’s we take in, go right back out and float in your circle of bowl life.

Do you see how karma overflows now, no?

Ponder that my chicken. I will wait.

Papa wants you to eat hardy meal with family or friends, or alone if you have none. Enjoy meal in present moment.  Hold on to beautiful memory,  then with intent, release the rest of  drama, funky chicken emotions or nincompoop ways during your spiritual movement moment. Flush Twice. If you have no friends, flush three times.

Corn like bad emotions floats in our mind and circles the toilet bowl of life.

Remember, when you hold on to  past poop of life, have grateful feeling you can release in bowl, flush and wipe away gently.

Other spiritual ones pooped in outhouse or behind tree where poop lingered. They also wiped bum with corn-cobs. You giggle, I see.  You should be happy, you are left with only corn, no?

You have it good!

Now Go..Papa Suqat.

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Papa Squat says “clean up.”

papa squat with lotus pic


Thoughts from Papa Squat..

Watch out what you leave on your behind. Clean up your messes then move on.

Release, wash and rinse… repeat if necessary. Repeat again if really necessary.

No one likes messes that are left on your behind.

Once you cleaned up, no need to keep revisiting the messy memory over and over again.

Why cause unnecessary mental chaffing.

Be mindful with clean mind and clean behind slate.

No go, …Papa Squat

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Here is our Guru Papa Squat!

Well, a month ago, he had his picture drawn out. It was easy to do as either he is sitting or moving rather slowly.

This wasn’t his favorite day, but he was gracious. I will let Papa Tell you the rest.


Guru Papa Squat says…

Why must one bother with what they perceive to not be real. You see picture, but do you really see? No, you interpret the picture and make assumptions. I said ASSumptions. That makes me giggle.

You see only what you want, which is not me. Do you need to know my hair color? Does it make a difference in your moment? It is gray, therefore I am wise, NO? That is silly. I am not wise, I am awake, and I was awake with black hair too. I have many moments and moments of movements, that is all. You could too, if you get off computer. Or phone. Or both.

Can you tell by my body how my mind works? How spiritual I am? How quiet, still or engaged I am with my movement moment. If you really see, you might. We are all energy, no?

Did you need to see me have my moment.(I see you giggle again) That is good, giggle is good for you, will raise happy vibration. Although, you giggle about strange things. I sit on toilet in my sacred space. I have lotus in lap, as one must we wise on who is seeing picture. Does that make you giggle?

You should meditate with lotus, it will teach you more then me. Just don’t flush lotus, it will get stuck. I know.

I will wait (2 hours later)

If a picture of me makes you happy, I will share.

Will you share too? Share my picture with your friends, so they can giggle too. We will have happy giggle squat family.

They say, a picture is worth a thousand words. A kind action is worth much, much more.

No go, Papa Squat.

papa squat with lotus pic

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Silence… listen to the flush

blue flush

Guru Papa Squat says…


Hmmm. CJ will not introduce me today. She needs to sit, not speak. She hears, but needs to listen.


I like the sound of water, it is soothing, no? (Silent for 20 minute)


I think that not many listen. I will wait until you are ready. Many do listen with their head and eyes, not their ears. CJ is learning to listen. When she doesn’t listen, I do not speak. The universe doesn’t either, why her head space is so full. How can you put anything in your head if it is already full? The universe is big, but the important messages are small, takes space to hear.


Most people wait for a pause, so they can fill it with noise. I do not. (Silent for three hour pause)


I guess I have to talk, for you to be silent more. Are you afraid of the silence? The bogyman is not found in silence. Are you worried someone else will fill it with some better noise? What is SO important to say? Is the toilet on fire? Depending on what you ate, maybe. That is important. Most words are not inspiration; instead they are useless diarrhea of mouth. Are you afraid of not being heard? Do you think your importance is from what you say?

People will think of you more and will speak more if you listen more. See, MORE of Important YOU! Did you listen?


So, I will be silent in the moment and listen (the next day)


Quiet is not the same as silent. Quiet is not speaking, silence is quiet of the mind. Turning off the chatter like you do your web. Oh, you keep that on all the time. I see. I now know. You miss so much when you are not listening.

I bet you didn’t hear the toilet flush. You were already out the door and thinking of something else. You might have missed the soothing sound of water. Shame now isn’t it. Did you hear the moment of your movement?. NO, were you busy unrolling the toilet paper, while thinking of other things. Yes? Were you distracted by the odor before the flush? Yes. Use PooPourri then you can concentrate on not speaking, but being silent… and listening. I make it easy for you.


YOU did not listen. Are you listening now?


You must wait in silence and patience and hear with your heart, not your ears. You then be in knowing.


I know this, as I used to be this. Until I listen and now know. I listen well and hear much. Much of what I hear is not worth listening, but I do anyway. All together it becomes a magical hum of the universe.. OM. Let us be in silence and OM together.

We will OM much, and speak less.


You should OM more. Listen to that, good for you.


When you have your moment, you should also flush all the words in your head down too.


Do not hear the words, listen to the flush. Hear the flush. BE the flush.




Now go, Papa Squat.

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Papa Squat, what does he look like?


Picture of Papa Soon!

Picture of Papa Soon!

 A picture of Papa will be up on Friday, April 25!

Every Friday, Guru Papa Squat shares his thoughts and spiritual insights from his sacred space..the bathroom. His posts are loved by those who want spiritual insight, but only have a few movements, moments in time.

  • Papa’s next post is Friday, April 18th- which is called “Silence, listen to the flush.” 
  • The Following Friday, April 25th, will we will post a picture of Papa Squat.

Trust me, this was a big deal! He is not one to let people into his sacred space.

So stop by the website and get caught up on his posts in Bathroom Spirituality 

Kindly, CJ and Papa!

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I poop, therefore I am

poop therefore I am

We often have questions on who are we. I know that sometimes I get in my head with these universal questions. It gets overwhelming cause I over think. When this happens I know it is time I need to relax, sit back and listen to the inspirational thoughts of Papa Squat. Did you ever notice he seems to always “know” when we need something.

Our Guru Papa Squat says…..

I poop, therefore I am. I am poop.

 That is funny, no? (giggle, giggle)

We are All poop, All energy, ALL compost..and ALL universe.

You can not take the spirituality out of you. You can not take the spirituality out of the universe, or out of your pooping. It is all spiritual and all IS. You are part of that. You are created by the same material as the stars, the ocean and all of the animals. You are a donkey, a chicken, a nut, a crab and of course a nincompoop. Although, I am not sure what that would look like. It varies in size and shape.

We talked about labels the other day. I see we are still doing so. (pause)

We will continue. I want you to breathe in and out, and do it 2 more times.

I will wait.

Now I want you to do it again until you feel your body looks like the wonder women plane. Those who are young, go use the power of web to see plane. The plane is see-through. I like wonder women, she has nice.. boots.

When you become see-through, you see everything else the same way. The toilet, the walls, the trees. See it everywhere. Even your family. I said see through, not x-ray. I know you giggle.

See all around and above all.

When the vehicle from which you poop becomes transparent, it is really as it is…empty. I will repeat. Empty of space and matter. Our bodies are energy, but we are empty of space. Makes you now know why many are nincompoops in their empty heads.

Everything to us humans looks and feel solid like constipation poop because of those electrons, but they are mostly empty too. I am no rocket scientist, you will have to read on own to know more. You should do so as you are enjoying your moment, as that is a good read.  Do not read to long as you must concentrate on a spiritual moment. But, maybe this time you will have a transparent movement moment.

So, as you think about how solid your life is, know you can’t separate from it. It is separate,in that it is not solid form. When you know this, you can have a spiritual moment of emptiness; of spiritual connection to all, to all knowing.

Everything is everything… no go my chicken, or nut …papa squat.


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Effort.. the push forward

yoga attempt 2

Did you ever notice the point in childbirth when the women says…enough, no more…I am done! So, she stops…temporally.

Deep down she knows she doesn’t have a choice, but the effort is exhausted.

What happens, her cheering squad pushes her forward, moving her past this point. This is also the place in every hero journey when the hero gives up. He can’t find the spirit or cause to fight anymore. He knows he has too, but he is done. So what happens?

Again, here comes the cheering squad! He finds divine insight or wisdom usually from an outside force that connects deep within to help him conquer this fear. His fear breaks down;  confidence and determination go way  up.  The theme is the same; he has to fight his inner fear and break down the walls. When he does, he always wins. 

This place of stopping at this wall is what I call ..the “no effort zone”.

This is an internal wall of every excuse possible, your fears, weakness, beliefs and negative excuses personified. It is the mirror of the worst critic of all..YOU.  These excuses have been built into your subconscious over years and years of programming. This wall is friggin solid. Sitting on top of it is YOUR proverbial devil on the shoulder.

Most people get to their wall, and walk away. It is the stopping point and it is a different stopping point for every individual. The interesting part is that we KNOW we have to break it down and walk through, but we have build it up so strong, and so solid that we can’t see through it. We assume we know what is in this zone by what we built in our head. Basically we are judging a wall by it’s exterior.

So, most of us take camp right outside the wall.

A little hot chocolate to share with that non-stop-talking-annoying shoulder devil who just reinforces and re-infuses our already negative thoughts and beliefs. Really, he should go into advertisement..he is that good!

So, when you are sitting there with him, who knows, maybe you can create another awesome excuse together. Cozy.

  • It is hard
  • It is scary
  • Is it really worth it?
  • I am not smart enough, good enough.
  • what “if” it doesn’t work out?
  • I’ll do it when…. more time, money, less tired, better circumstances
  • I am gonna go watch TV, read, play with the dog.
  • What is the purpose?

So, there you sit… up against your “No effort zone” wall. AGAIN!

One day you will realize that to get to your goal, you WILL eventually have go through this zone. There is NO other detour or way around it. 

The internal knowing that you need to continue can push you forward. Just like our mom at the top of this post.

Here are a few other suggestions…

Be like the kitty…try. Then try again. Small effort can create big change. 

Get a support group of people who have been at their own wall and have crumpled it. They will make you accountable, which create action. They can be your cheering squad when you plop your back again that wall.

Get a coach (cough, hint, cough) 

Ask yourself, are these beliefs really mine? Where did they come from?  Family, friends, culture, bad experiences, or were they ingrained from years of programming? You just might be surprised  “who” that little shoulder devil mimics. Does his voice sound familiar?  

Back up and ram it with all you got. Go from fear to force. 

Trust and KNOW with all your heart and conviction that your intention WILL be manifested. On the other side. 

Be in the present zone..fears are based the past or future. What is real is now, what you imagine is what you a feeding off of which may not be real. Stop imagining. You may break that wall down and find bliss. Expect the best….

 “The “no effort zone” devolves with conscious effort.” 

My gift to you… a large  hammer.


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Pooping with patience…


This is a busy world we live in….we are always in a rush, which is one of the reasons I have this bathroom series…To remind us to slow down…and take time to find some spirituality, where ever you can.

As our Guru Papa Squat says…

I am patient. ( birds chipping, water running…long three hour pause)

Maybe you should do as chicken does.

I do not understand the need to rush, to make movement before the moment is ready. I take time to take time, for isn’t that what this time thing is? With no distractions I can do this for hours.

I am a proponent for pooping with patience. I am not wasting time, I am being in purpose in a way that is purposeful. You can be impatient or patient and grateful for the time you have by not being impatient. It is all in the matter of your mind, and if your mind is an inpatient one, then you should make it sit longer and wait.

I will do it with you. <pause> Come on. Sit.  (3 minutes later)

Well, that was not patient. I do not understand the jumpy, irritable moments that the impatient one has. It is as if what you are doing is not important or necessary. You wiggle, squirm and sigh a lot when you want to go. You look at watch waiting for it to tell you it is done. How does the watch know? I do not understand. I think I heard one of those new talking watches. That is wonderful, watches that are even more impatient than you are.

Can a watch be a nincompoop too?

I don’t wear a watch, so I do not know. So, I would love to talk for hours about being patient, but I think you can not. So, I am in movement waiting for your moment. I will wait for you to to understand. When you do, let me know. In the meantime, be patient and enjoy the extra moments that patience and purpose brings.

Now go patiently …Papa Squat!


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Papa Squat air!



Breeze….They said it we were going to have a spring breeze, well it seems 40 mph is much more then a breeze.

Speaking of air Papa Squat has a few thoughts on this matter..

Papa Squat says:

Air, we breathe it, we exhale it, we release it from the top and the bottom.

Releasing air is a good thing. For this tells us our bodies are working. Releasing air can remind us to not hold tight, release the the muscle of tension and breathe. Breathe in.  Breathe out. I will wait.

I am not going to say that every breeze will smell like roses, so do not stand down wind. Still, we need breeze as it shakes loose what is not needed.

Those who are too full of air tend to be bloated, frustrated and have a hard time releasing and being.

You can see how they hold their body; all full of hot air, all ready to poop pop. I know that air rises, I think it goes to their head. Do you?

 Spiritual people stand up straight, have a clear focused mind, release what is not needed and enjoy the breeze.

Breathe in. Breathe out. I will go now.

Don’t be full of hot go..Papa Squat!

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Poo what? What did you call it?


Spirituality on the go! When we tell people we are on the go spirituality, we want to find a way to describe what we are doing, which can sometimes mean we are quick to state our purpose; to label it. As Papa Squat points out, labels are limits…

Papa Squat says;

Hello. So, you sit with me to have a spiritual moment, but you can’t get past the label. Before you giggle and fall right off the toilet, I will give you labels so we can get back to spiritual business right away.

What do you suggest to call your moment?

Poop, stool, bowel movement, turd, poo, sh*t, feces, dump, ca-ca, crap, dung patties, doo-do, A** candy, Number 2, I guess we’re not gold, so we can’t be number 1.

I have heard them all, kids are funny like that. What I like to hear is to call it spiritual.  Feel better now? What did that label do? Labels leave no room for anything else. Once you put a label on it, it’s hard to remove it. then it  gets confined, squished and unable to expand; grow into anything but the definition of the label

 Labels cause most silly people to giggle and stop thinking.

Papa Squat does not like labels, they are restricting to my openness. I am going to take a few deep breaths now. inhale….exhale…..O.K….

The next time they ask you to label your spirituality, or what you do on your  Spirituality on the go… just say “yes.” It will drive those giggly people nutty.

 Maybe they can find spirituality on the go too!!

Until our next moment, go…Papa Squat

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The Moment with Papa Squat

 Towel, aromatic candles and other spa objects

As we continue our spirituality on the go lessons, know that the mind, body and spirit must be ready. The WHOLE purpose of having a spiritual moment is to seek enlightenment. Right. What better way of doing that is to have a guide; our wonderful enlightened Papa-Squat. He is the man of divine spiritual movements moments. He will guide us the right way.

As our Guru Papa-squat says:

It is now time. Go to your spiritual space and prepare. Light your candles, your incense and sit down in your comfortable position. Feet should be firmly on floor, back upright and straight. I know you mom told you to sit up straight. Why do you not do it now?  You must adjust your clothes -you don’t want them wet.

Now,  breathe in and out until you find your inner balance. I will wait.

You are not a seesaw, inner balance is being centered, not tipsy. No alcohol please. Completely focus on connecting to that deep internal space within. Where the gurgles and air are. You see now?

As you begin this quest, continue to breathe. Breathe in, breathe out. Do you know how to breathe?

 Relax your body. If you have to pretend you are sleeping, do so, but relax.  You’re waiting for that natural state of being that brings you a ahhhhh moment. Not a zzzzz moment, an ahhhh moment.

The one that can’t be described with words as it connects you to a higher plane of existence.

That is always the quest, so continue on.

It may not happen today, but you always need to try. Don’t worry if it does not come,  Don’t worry, we will work on that later. Many times later.

Be prepared to relax the body and mind so you can release any effort of attainment. You can’t will this moment, it must just be. Feel one with your goal; a natural flow without pushing, without exertion. Release now and just sit.

Allow this moment to slowly emerge; as it begins, feel it with your senses and just be one with your moment.

When you are finished, thank the universe for your experience and take a minute to realize that you have found a spiritual connection by just being in the movement moment.

Lastly, clean up your space and then excitedly tell your kids, friend(s) and the pets. Don’t bother telling anyone who would ruin the mood for they are spiritual nincompoops.

Now go my child….Papa Squat!

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Sacred Bathroom Space

ZEN-angle-shot-500x500Guru Papa Squat reluctantly gives some advice…

Before we start the joinery to spiritual enlightenment, we must purify and create our sacred area.

This starts the great work as it puts us in the mindset. It helps create positive energy as we push forward with intent.  Yes, open window to connect to nature. Be primitive and be happy you have a great seat to connect to the bowel-in-the-moment.  You can do happy dance to appreciate a roof, a floor and a toilet.

Give gratitude and quickly send a blessing to all the animals that poop in the woods.

Scrub the sacred area with focused intent, paying particular importance to the seat, the sitting area, and the floor. A nice calming color rug or mat can keep you warm on a cool day plus provide a gentle focus for those difficult days of concentration or lack of motivation. We will talk about decorating later, but for now, light your candle, burn incense or get your frebreze. Purify and clam to make all spiritual movements moments sacred.

Your time is limited here, so it is important to keep the door closed. This is not the time for the children or cat to walk in and disturb this precious zen moment. So, now that everything is clean and fresh, feel the difference? Positive energy…ahhhh… breath it in a moment and stay present spiritual seeker.

OK, lets get too it, time for a spiritual bowel-in-the-moment.

Now Go…Papa Squat.

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Spirituality on the GO..

The Time is NOW!

spirituality on the go!

This unique spiritual series is for people who only have a few moments of quiet time to relax, quiet the mind and find a tad bit of zen…while they are on the Go. It is a busy world out there and our spirituality is suffering. We must use all of our precious moments to find a bit of zen…. right.

Lets take a few moments to return to the present moment in the one place we know we will not be disturbed. Hopefully.

We will discuss ways to make your zen moments better while helping you to prepare your zen ( quiet) room..for spiritual enlightenment…while you are on the Go…literally.

We will be joined with our Guru Papa Squat. Soon, need to get him out of his moment first.


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