Circling the toilet bowl

Corn Cob Toilet Paper

Our Guru Papa Squat says…..

There are many crazy useless emotions in our life, no? We hold on tight,  don’t release them to the power of the flush. Flushing out our life is as important as flushing out our body..and toilet.

I hear many of you tell me, you have spiritual moment and look to the crystal water of toilet and notice corn. You look closely to bowl and see corn has moved from bum the way it enter mouth.  Minus the butter I hope. Funny how that is, no? No different then emotions. What negative No-No’s we take in, go right back out and float in your circle of bowl life.

Do you see how karma overflows now, no?

Ponder that my chicken. I will wait.

Papa wants you to eat hardy meal with family or friends, or alone if you have none. Enjoy meal in present moment.  Hold on to beautiful memory,  then with intent, release the rest of  drama, funky chicken emotions or nincompoop ways during your spiritual movement moment. Flush Twice. If you have no friends, flush three times.

Corn like bad emotions floats in our mind and circles the toilet bowl of life.

Remember, when you hold on to  past poop of life, have grateful feeling you can release in bowl, flush and wipe away gently.

Other spiritual ones pooped in outhouse or behind tree where poop lingered. They also wiped bum with corn-cobs. You giggle, I see.  You should be happy, you are left with only corn, no?

You have it good!

Now Go..Papa Suqat.

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