The Tao of the Coffee Cup

The Tao (The Way) of the Coffee Cup

By CJ Reynolds ( from newsletter-revised)

I got up the other day and made a pot of coffee. I could hear it brewing and I couldn’t wait. I got my cup and poured my coffee… but I forgot to put the coffee in the pot…so I had hot water. Exciting!

Looking down at my hot water cup, it reminded me of the power of coffee and the comfort  it brings.

We all have these internal emotions; heart, desire, peace, but sometimes ALL we have is hot water, or bitter tasteless coffee. Our over thinking mind can water down the emotions we “feel” on the inside, which then can’t extend outward for everyone to see and feel. You can add sugar and cream to mask it, but still, you don’t have that delicious coffee to share.

Sharing the internal coffee we pour is what brings us the richness of connection, the bold confidence we possess, the gentleness of eye contact and smooth art of being present. Just as we are delighted to have a great cup of coffee, we need to find a way to have that same feeling with others without judging how others flavor their coffee.

So, always remember that it is a privilege to have a good cup of coffee, just as it is a privilege to be in the presence of some remarkable people who have unwavering Spirit of presence, love and kindness.  Just as long as you don’t judge the coffee by the cup, the connection to them will always make our coffee even more flavorful.

As your drink your cup of coffee, stay present in the moment-inhale the richness of life and connections of that which is around you.


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